About Us

About Us

who are we

Continents Shopping Complex Company, a brand for ready-to-wear, youthful and modern, that meets the desires of fashion and fashion lovers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as we are constantly looking forward

to presenting fashion styles and fashions with high quality and at the best prices.

The Continents Shopping Complex is considered one of the largest malls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it contains all sections of clothes for men, women, boys and girls, all the way to children and newborns. And abayas. And running shoes. And the bags. Where there is a section for household furniture and household utensils. Antiques and gifts. And furnishings. Where there is a children's entertainment hall consisting of an area dedicated to children's movement games in addition to restaurants.

Where the continents complex consists of three floors and there are toilets for men and women. A chapel for men and a chapel for women. Where there are all services for all groups. It has an escalator. He drew an electrician. And a service for people with special needs. There is also a very large indoor and outdoor car park.

In short, the Continents Shopping Complex is enough for you to roam around in many shops, markets and centers. Everything a family needs is under one roof.

Our vision and mission

We strive to keep up with the latest models in the world of fashion and fashion, with high quality materials and the best competitive prices in this field.

And we are working continuously to keep the pieces displayed in our stores up-to-date and modern on a continuous and permanent basis, with attention to the smallest details to ensure a unique and ideal shopping experience for all our customers